Feb. 22, 2002

Links updated. Added banner for Grant Lee at House of Blues website. Check it out. GLB may be gone but their music is still with us. Go buy Grant Lee's solo releases and support his music! :)



June 06, 2000

Hey, hey! It's me! (sound familiar?) I know I haven't been updating my page. It's turning into more of a memorial than an active web page to GLB. I get many emails asking about GLB related news, events and tabs. Please refer to Crackdown, a great up-to-date GLB and Grant Phillips related webpage run by Ameet Maturu. Tell him Elmer from "The Hook" website sent you! :) Looking for GUITAR TABS? Try the guys @ Arousing Thunder. Last time I checked, they had guitar tabs to most of GLB's releases.

And now that Grant Lee is solo....you do know of his solo release and his new website don't you? No? Well check it out @ his website aptly and simply called Grant-Lee Phillips.

Thanks to all that continue to stop by my simple site and sign my guestbook!


April 22, 1999

Hey, hey! It's me! You probably thought I was dead didn't ya? Eh? Eh? *g* Well, I'm not...just been extremely busy with the job and all and never gettin' a chance to get on here and do some editing to my GLB page (you should see how out-dated my personal webpage is! Haha!).

Let this be a warning (I have warned you before haven't I?) to you...I can't keep updating as often as I like..I admit! *s* But hey, sign my guestbook or simply feel free to email me at elmermun@hotmail.com if you've got a question or something. *s* Okay? I'll try my best to answer your question(s) or help in any other way relating to GLB. Thanks! And hey...keep spinnin' those GLB CD's and turn it up! *s*


July 30, 1998

Q:  "Are you going to see GLB at Pine Knob on August 30th?"
A:  Good guestion. And the answer is I don't know. It's a Sunday, and originally I thought that I might be able to make it but now I'm not so sure. I'd like to though. Btw, the primary act at "Planetfest" is The Wallflowers with acts such as Grant Lee Buffalo supporting. More ticket info is available and the Ticketmaster website. Look under "Michigan" and/or "Pine Knob".

Q:  "What about the August 5 show at the Park West in Chicago?"
A:  Though technically, this would be more feasible in terms of distance from where I live, I don't think I can make it there due to the fact that it's on a Wednesday night. I work nights so....I'd love to though...maybe next time.

Till later,


July 17, 1998

..looking at message and date of last note...*grinning*..Okay, okay...so I lied. Hey, I've been extrememly busy with a new job! Gimme a break! Ha!

I've updated my pages a bit...seems as if I have less and less time to do that..hmmm. Anyway, I've changed the layout and have added one or two new things that you can peruse at your leisure.

Oh..."Why the name change to 'The Hook'"? you ask? Simple. I felt like I needed to name my humble GLB page and so why not name it after one or two of my favorite things? Yep, you guessed it, I love the song "The Hook" and enjoy fishing as well...*LOL*.....wondering if your laughing with me or at me...hey! What are you laughing at? Hmmm? *g*

Btw, I like the new GLB release....some tracks better than others but they all grow on me in some way or another each time I listen to it. Yes, their sound has changed but you can still hear remnants of their past three releases through the record. For those that don't like it, I simply ask you to give it a chance. I didn't really like Copperopolis when I first heard it but after listening to it over and over, it grew on me. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, that's it for now I think...let me know what you think!


Yours truly,(hehe)


June 09, 1998

Sorry for not updating in awhile. Still working on it. Will reveal something new hopefully by the end of this week! Stay tuned! *s*


May 13, 1998

Hey fellow GLB fans!

Guess what? I'm going to see GLB!!!! Wooooooohoooooooooo!!! Yep, that's right, I will be going to see them at Clutch Cargos in Pontiac, Michigan Saturday night, the 16th of May. I had originally planned to go see them at Shubas in Chicago but both their gigs there (May 19th & 20th) are sold out! Good news for the band i guess. I wish I had gotten tickets for both those gigs in time. I would have loved to see them perform twice in one week! *s* Anyway, not much else is new except the moving of my homepage to tripod.com (as you see). I plan to give a full report of my GLB concert experience after the event. Till then, stay tuned and keep spinnin' those GLB CD's! *s*


Jan. 7, 1998

Hello fellow GLB fans!

First of all, I wish to thank all of you have visited my very modest and humble GLB page! I especially appreciate all of you who have signed my guestbook and left such kind words. I apologize for not writing back to those of you who have requested a reply via email...I've been busy with school and well, just life in general. In fact, I haven't touched anything on my website as a whole for the past year until now. Guess I was just caught up in other things. Anyway, I do appreciate all the email and I do read everything (eventually) sent to me or directed at me.

Now, just one more thing. Some of the people who have signed my guestbook and emailed me (seems to me, a lot more of our foreign friends overseas..*smile*) seem to think that I have some kind of direct influence on the band or am even part of it in some way (*LOL*....I know...sounded funny to me too.) Well, I just wanted to clear the air a little on this matter and state that I do not have any direct connection to the band itself except for being an ardent fan much like yourself! *smile* Sorry to disappoint some of you! *LOL* (It is kinda flattering though isn't it? *grin*). I simply have put up this website as my small tribute to a band that is largely overlooked. There are a lot of better websites that hold more info on these guys listed below. Check them out! *smile*

Oh, and how will the letting go of bassist Paul Kimble affect the band's sound? We'll just have to see. I'm curious to catch Paul's solo act too.

That's it for now. Thanks again for stopping by!

Elmer Mun