One of the best sounding bands I've heard in awhile. Sort of a folksy alternative sound. Unrecognized by most, worth listening to by all. Here are some links of homepages dedicated to this great group.

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What's that you say? Can't find something about GLB you've been looking for on my pages? Well then try some of the other GLB sites linked below (most of which are much better in information, updates, and details about GLB than my humble pages are!) and tell them that Elmer sent ya!

Grant Lee's haunting melodic voice lives on as he goes solo! Check him out at his website (linked below)!

  THE Grant Lee Buffalo Home Page Jubilee Online. GLB's official webpage if I'm not mistaken. It's Oh-so-sweet. *g*
   Grant-Lee Phillips Grant Lee's website and info on him and his solo debut.
  Grace - The Unofficial Grant Lee Buffalo Home Page Maintained by Kyle Smith.
  Buffalo Moon - The Unofficial Grant Lee Buffalo Home Page by Kerry Neill.
  Arousing Thunder by Sean and Kiffer. (Find GLB guitar tabs here!)
  Crackdown Meet Ameet and his GLB page here.
  GLB related by Dan Visel.
  Unofficial Lyrics to Might Joe Moon My version. The official lyrics are out now, I hear and can be found under the link to Kyle Smith's page inside. I'll keep this page up for sentimental reasons....when some of those words were still a mystery. :)
  Grant Lee Buffalo image by Steve Rapport. He sells photographs of various artists that he's photographed. GLB is one of them.
  R.O.C. Linkbase - Grant Lee Buffalo Hosted by Rock Out Censorship.
  Other GLB links At the Ultimate Band List site (this site rocks btw!).
  front and back Here's a picture I took for a cd cover for one of my studio class assignments. I chose Grant Lee Buffalo as the band to illustrate and this is what the end result looked like. (Note: the original back cover did not include the name of the songs...I added that in, using Photoshop.) Please feel free to sign my guestbook or email me and tell me what you think! Thanks!

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