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Not only did I get all of the band to sign my "Truly, Truly" Promo CD, I also got a chance to take a picture with Grant! (I was aiming for them all but Joey was talking with a group of fans, Phil was on the bus, and Bill was inside the club with some fans.) For this picture, I told Grant to smile cause I was gonna try and use it on my web page. He said, "Your web page? Oh, okay."

We cheezed. (Well, okay..I cheezed and Grant smiled. Hey, I was nervous and excited...what can I say. Haha..)

Thanks Grant!

Terry took the picture. (Thanks Terry!)

This is the first pic that I took with Grant actually...he had come off the bus with the wrong pair of glasses (his prescription sunglasses...*LOL*...he put them on before realizing that they were not his normal pair). We were all crowding around him, asking to sign this and that...I was sharing my Sharpie pen with some other people and so Grant said that he'd go get one. He went back onto the bus and came back with his own signing Sharpie and the correct pair of glasses.

As I've read in past reviews and experiences on the GLB mailing list, the band is very sociable and willing to chat and sign away for their fans. It was cool to be able to just walk up to these guys and chat!

Terry asked me to take one of him and his girl in return. I was more than glad to. I had black and white film loaded into my camera by the way and so later on I sent him and his g/f enlargements that I made of this picture.

Laura's holding the Jubilee posters that they had hanging up. They went quickly. Lucky for me, Terry and Laura had grabbed an extra and are kind enough to give it to me. I have yet to pick it up though.

I drove home happy, playing the double-sided promo cassette over and over. "Truly, Truly" hit me by surprise as I realized that GLB's sound had changed again. I was looking forward to hearing their latest release.

And seeing them live again.

Thanks Grant, Joey, Bill and Phil for a great show! It was well worth the drive! *s*

The End.

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