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I parked closer to the rear open door that I saw.

A few cars had started to arrive now, mostly club employees. A car pulled in and parked close to mine and a couple got out. I noticed that the guy was wearing a Copperopolis t-shirt and so I walked up to him and introduced myself. I handed him a small business sized card that had the URL to my homepage written down on it. (A last minute idea I had to introduce people to not only my humble GLB page, but more importantly that of other GLB sites linked through my site.)

Terry and Laura were here for the concert too and they were just as excited about seeing GLB live as I was. We shared our GLB concert experiences (mine being very limited) and just chatted about the band for awhile. Of course, the topic of Paul's departure and how it would affect their sound was discussed.

We kept our eyes open on the open door, noticing a few people walk to and from the bus. I think I saw Bill Bonk making some trips to the bus, but I didn't know it was him until later. We wondered if we could possibly go in and maybe watch the band warm up or even meet them.

All of a sudden, two guys walk out of the back door and are followed shortly after by a third. We recognize them as Grant, Joey and Phil! If I remember correctly, they all wore shades and Phil had this derby hat on. In what seemed an almost comical moment, they all seemed to look around, pointing this way and that... and then decided to walk up and past the building. Reflecting on that moment, I realized that GLB was just that. A couple of normal guys (with enormous talent) just hanging out, doing what they like to do and having fun while doing it. It was kinda cool to realize that these guys were so down to earth and far from the glitzy rock-star stereotypes we see espoused by other mainstream artists.

Terry and Laura decided to walk after them and see where they were going. For some reason or other, I tell them to go ahead and return to my car to grab my camera, hoping for a photo with the trio. I must have lingered to long at my car because after I rounded the corner of the building in pursuit of my newly found friends and the GLB entourage (minus 1), they were no where to be found. I contemplated wandering around till I found them but decided against it.

I did see Joey walking down the street about 30 minutes or so later. Two guys were changing the act on the CC sign and he walked up to them and chatted for a bit before disappearing behind the back of the club.

I was rearing and ready to go. More and more people were starting to show up. I met some other GLB fans and as a line started to gather at the door and I noticed something. The group was comprised of young and older, college kid preps and alterna-grunge types, the list could go on. It was amazing to see (even more so later) all the different people that listened to GLB and found them worth listening to! A true sign of a great band.....

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